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Kids' Stuff: Storytime Apps

Welcome to the Huntington Beach Children's Library

Welcome to iPad Storytime

Talk. Sing. Read. Write and Play...with apps! 

Dear Patron,

Our iPad Storytime has ended. Although, the digital story time for preschool-aged children, incorporating early literacy skills with educational apps has ended, we still plan to provide you with app resources for preschool aged through high school. So, check back here, as we work to continue to provide educational digital resources. Or, click the "Submit a Question" button below to "Ask Miss Denise an App Question",  if you would like a specific recommendation.

App of the Week!

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Animal Fun Park Family Version by Filimundus AB

In honor of the end of our summer reading program, "Reading is BIG FUN" this app highlights a circus game. The app can be used to discuss protecting online identity as you and your children begin the game by creating an avatar. Use on the same wifi network and up to six family members and friends can play against each other in some friendly concentrated competition. Pairing in 2's provides an opportunity for family members to encourage and empathisize with one another. Game session can be kept private by creating a group name as instructed. Then, let the games and fun begin! There are 15 games to choose from with wacky names like Froggy Fling or Monkey Pop. Everybody's a winner in this game garnering virtual "tickets". The tickets are used to individualize the clothing, hair, etc. of the avatar. It is a great way for families to come together, even with a wide range of ages, and via use of mobile devices.

Age: All

Available:  iOS only (iphone and ipads) $1.99, at time of writing


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