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Makerspace: 3D Printing

Find all of our favorite links for making.

What you need to get started...

3D Print Files

To get started right away, you can use a website that collects pre-made 3D print files. There are thousands of options, but be sure to read the instructions and make sure the project will work for your printer and filament. 


A design program

If you want to personalize your design, you can create a new project from scratch or modify an existing file. 

Fusion360 (hobbyists can get a free 3-year trial)

A Slicer

A slicer translates your design, whether you downloaded it or created it, so it can be read by your 3D printer. At HBPL, we use Cura software for our Lulzbot TAZ and Lulzbot Mini.

Cura Lulzbot Edition

Project Examples

New to 3D printing? We recommend starting with simple projects like these:

3D Printing in the Makerspace


The library generally provides filament for projects under 2 hours. Makerspace users are welcome to bring their own filament that is compatible with the single extruder Lulzbot Mini or Taz 6 for larger projects. 

Training Sessions

All Makerspace users must receive training prior to 3D printing. Here are upcoming 3D printer training sessions:

Monday, February 10 @ 2PM

Saturday, February 22 @ 9 AM

Thursday, February 27 @ 2 PM

Huntington Beach Public Library
7111 Talbert Ave. Huntington Beach, CA 92648
Phone 714-842-4481